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There are a number of ways to manage the cost of your treatment at a BMI Hospital. However, the two main options are:
Through a private or company paid medical insurance policy.

Paying for treatment directly through one of our self pay schemes ideal if you do not have private medical insurance.
Other options include cash plan and employer assistance schemes:

Cash plans pay out contributions towards hospital treatment. Details of cash plan schemes can be found on the British Health Care Association (BHCA) website, the trade body for the majority of health cash plans and associated plans.

Employer assistance schemes are used by employers who recognise that in certain circumstances it is more economical for them to fund private hospital treatment, than to fund your sick pay and pay someone else to do your job, whilst you are awaiting publicly funded hospital treatment.

Private Medical Insurance

BMI Healthcare provides treatment to patients that hold policies with most major Private Medical Insurance (PMI) providers (it does not offer its own medical insurance scheme). The best place for independent advice on PMI is the Association of British Insurers (ABI). All reputable insurance companies are members. For further information go to
If you do opt to take out private medical insurance, do remember to check beforehand that your local BMI hospital would be covered in the scheme.

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  North West Cancer Clinic (NWCC) is a joint venture between BMI Healthcare and oncologists practising at BMI Beardwood Hospital. Dr Marcus Wise and Dr Shabbir Susnerwala are shareholders in NWCC with Cancer Clinics UK LLP (whose members are Drs Wise and Susnerwala as well as Drs Elaine Young, Martin Hogg, Andrew Hindley and Ashoke Biswas) and service companies owned by Drs Wise and Susnerwala being paid for services they provide to NWCC.