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NWCC North West Cancer Clinic
On your arrival, our receptionist will welcome you and help to make you feel at ease. You will be introduced to a member of the ward staff and shown to your room where the facilities will be explained. If you require assistance with your luggage our porters are available to help.
Before you come in for your first appointment it is probable that all your notes and test results will already have been forwarded to the consultant you are going to see. Your first consultation will last around an hour, providing sufficient time for the consultant to go through your history, examine you, discuss their recommendations, and for you to ask as many questions as necessary to reassure you about the way forward. We find that many questions only occur to people after extensive discussion; better that they should be raised while you are with the consultant. However, if you do have questions that occur to you later please do ring us on telephone number, 01254 507603 and your consultant will return your call at the first opportunity.
Before treatment

After your first visit and consultation, if you are to receive treatment from us you will be asked to come back for a further discussion. In addition to any further discussions you may need to have with your consultant, you will also meet one of our senior oncology nurses, who will discuss with you how we will manage your treatment, what it will involve, and what to be aware of beforehand.

Chemotherapy nurses
All our chemotherapy nurses have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of care of patients receiving chemotherapy. We also work closely with other organisations such as support centres and hospices. Your chemotherapy nurse can make referrals. The nurses are on call to give help and advice. The number will be given to you at your first visit.
Our physiotherapy team here at the Beardwood Hospital provide a comprehensive range of treatments to patients who are receiving chemotherapy. The range of treatments includes aromatherapy, reflexology and massage, given by an experienced team of chartered state registered physiotherapists.
Breakfast is from 7.00 am, lunch is from 12 noon and dinner from 5pm. In addition a selection of hot and cold beverages, snacks and guest meals are available to order throughout the day at your request. Our chefs will be happy to prepare special menus in accordance with any particular preference or dietary needs.
Visitors are welcome throughout your hospital stay. Visiting hours are kept as open and flexible as possible, consistent with your own need for rest and quiet. We normally request visitors to leave the hospital by 10 pm.
Your room will be cleaned on a daily basis with fresh towels provided. If you require additional cleaning services please notify a member of staff during your stay.
Our pharmacy will provide any medication required during your hospital stay. On discharge the ward will return any medication brought in with you and the chemotherapy team will arrange any prescribed take home medication to be dispensed.
Day Case Patients
Please feel free to bring a relative or friend with you on your visits to the Day Case Unit.
Drinks and snacks
Tea and coffee are available in the waiting area. A full range of light meals and sandwiches are also available from our day case menu on request.
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North West Cancer Clinic
North West Cancer Clinic
BMI The Beardwood Hospital
Preston New Road
Tel: 01254 507 603/4
Fax: 01254 507 715
Directions to: The Beardwood Hospital
  North West Cancer Clinic (NWCC) is a joint venture between BMI Healthcare and oncologists practising at BMI Beardwood Hospital. Dr Marcus Wise and Dr Shabbir Susnerwala are shareholders in NWCC with Cancer Clinics UK LLP (whose members are Drs Wise and Susnerwala as well as Drs Elaine Young, Martin Hogg, Andrew Hindley and Ashoke Biswas) and service companies owned by Drs Wise and Susnerwala being paid for services they provide to NWCC.